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About Dirty Beach massage

If you think about a beach massage when you are on the  beach it has a turnside. The people who usually do this are not interested in your physical condition but in  your money ,  and pay attention when someone is massaged , then they do not look at the body but look  around them if the  police appear because it is illegal and unhygienic, they never wash their hands and go from one to the other without washing their hands and smear you with baby oil , very bad in the bright sun. You never know if the person who is  being massaged has a skin disease or allergy that is transmissible. It is not a massage but rubbing and it does not have any benefit but a disadvantage that you can contract a disease. Go to a certified salon where hygiene is paramount. If you want to know more come visit us for info Aranya Thai massage and Bua Thai wellness.

Aranya thai massage
Aranya Thai massage